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AV Balun

Exico Connectors is the leading supplier of AV Baluns suppling RGB Baluns, HDTV Baluns, S-Video Baluns, VGA Baluns and Audio Baluns.

Video Baluns (Coax to Cat 5 Converters)and Accessories

Single Balun - Quad Balun - Active Balun - Power Balun - PTZ Balun - Ground Loop Isolator - VGA Balun - RJ45 Adaptor - Versatile Balun Hub

Video Technology for high resolution CCTV video & excellent immunity against interference.

Exico's High Performance Passive Video Baluns allows video to be transmitted over twisted pair Cat 5 cable with virtually little or no interference up to 450 metres.

Choice of BNC Male, BNC Female or F Type Coaxial Interface and RJ45 or Insulation Displacement Connector (IDC) that comes with Exico's Quick Connect Video Balun for fast efficient termination of Cat 5 cable without need for impact tool.

Over medium to long distance cable runs switching from Coax Cabling to Cat 5 Backbone Cabling will save between 30% to 65% off your installation costs. Let Exico Connectors show you how with Coax to Cat 5 Applications  and checking out the  comprehensive range of datasheets and application notes on this web site.

Exico Connectors has a balun to suit various applications requiring transmission of CCTV video up to 1800 metres usingCat 5 cabling.

Where your installation encounter ground loop problems, Exico's GroundLoop Isolator is the solution that could save you a lot of time and money in tracking down the source of the problem.

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Partner with Exico Connectors and experience Quality High Performance Products at an extremely competitive price.

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