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Exico Connectors - Disclaimer


Exico Connectors is a wholesale supplier of network connectivity products to the Telecommunications and CCTV Security industries. It is wholly owned by EQL International Marketing Pty Ltd, a company registered in the state of New South Wales, Australia. EQL International Marketing Pty Ltd is the holding company for a number of companies in the EQL group of companies which includes EQL Telecommunications and Exico Connectors.EQL International Marketing was established in April 1994 and incorporated in October 2001 with a name change to EQL International Marketing Pty Ltd.

The company has since enjoyed strong growth through adopting a strict set of quality disciplines and policies to achieve total customer satisfaction, maintaining highly competitive pricing, investment in R&D and forming key strategic partnerships as well as developing a strong and growing world wide distribution network.

Exico Connectors has been formed to focus on the network connectivity market both within Australia and Internationally where its parent company has been operating successfully for over 15 years.

Exico Connectors's parent company, EQL International Marketing Pty Ltd, is 100% debt free and in a strong position to support its customers with a comprehensive range of products that are specifically tailored for the Telecommunications and CCTV Security Industries.


The contents which includes all information, images, data and materials contained in individual pages under the registered web site of www.exico.com.au have been included on a "best intention" basis from information collected from a number of sources including those provided by individuals, employees, organisations and suppliers to the Webmaster ("Information"). The information was considered by the Webmaster to be from a reliable source at the time of publication and understood not to infringe any copyright, patents or other rights.

Information relating to products are provided to assist Exico Connectors's customers select a suitable product for their application may contain errors as such Exico Connectors cannot guarantee all information is 100% correct at the time of publication on the web site.

All product specifications are typical only and subject to change without notice. EQL makes no representation and offers no warranty in respect of the adequacy, the accuracy and reliability of the information, the data and the materials for any particular purpose. In no event shall the Webmaster, Exico Connectors, its parent EQL International Marketing Pty Ltd, its Proprietors and Directors, Management, Employees, and content provider, be liable for special, direct, indirect or consequential damages, losses, costs, charges, demands, or claims for lost profits, lost opportunities or expenses of any nature or kind.

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