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Exico Connectors - Warranty

Exico warrant its products to be free from defects for 12 calendar months from the date of delivery for all products except for passive video baluns which have a limited lifetime warranty.

Any product that has been damaged as a result of a power surge is not covered by warranty.

In the unlikely event of a defect, the defective product is to be returned to Exico for examination by its Engineers and if the defect is due to manufacturing and not misuse or abuse, Exico will repair the defective part at no cost to the Purchaser.

This warranty is limited to the warranty provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer of the product through our supplier only.

How to make a Warranty claim

If you believe your product is covered by warranty, contact Exico in writing by either Email or Fax with the Date of Purchase, Invoice Number and Serial Number of the unit together with a brief description of the fault. Once Exico has confirmed the product is within the warranty period, an RMA Number will be issued to the Purchaser who may then ship the faulty product to Exico.

No goods are to be shipped to Exico without firstly obtaining an RMA Number otherwise the goods will not be accepted and the carrier will be asked to return the goods to the Shipper at its cost.

Any goods returned will be examined by Exico's technical support team to confirm the fault condition and check the product have not be misused or abused before proceeding to repair the faulty product. In the event that the faulty product was found to have been misused or abused and Warranty does not apply the Purchaser will be promptly notified. The cost for returning the faulty product to the Purchaser will borne exclusively by the Purchaser. Exico reserves the right to repair or replace the unit at its sole discretion. Where the unit needs to be return to service quickly, the Purchaser may elect to accept either a demo or previously repaired unit in similar condition where one is available in fulfillment of the Warranty.

Time to Repair the Faulty Product

This will depend on the fault condition, faulty component and parts needed to make the repair. Exico will attempt to repair the faulty product and return it to the Purchaser as soon as possible but in certain cases it should be noted that this can take 5-7 weeks.

Defective or Wrong Product on Arrival

Claims for defective or wrong shipment of a product must be made within 7 days of delivery. Replacement of the product will require the Purchaser to return the product to Exico at its business address prior to the replacement product being shipped. In the event of a wrong product being ordered by the Purchaser, approval for exchanging the product must be obtained from Exico prior to the goods being returned, which approval will be at the sole discretion of Exico.

Returned Part Not Defective

Where goods are returned as faulty by the Purchaser and they have been found to be not faulty as claimed, a minimum fee of $100.00 may be charged to cover the cost of testing plus a courier charge for returning the product to the Purchaser.

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